A Doula in Action

“I had never heard of a Doula until as of lately, from some new mommies and they told me how much it helped them. But honestly in my mind I didn’t realize how important they are.  I had never had one and thought I did pretty good with the births of my two daughters. What I didn’t realize Doula Servicesis how helpful it would have been to me, had I had a Doula. Mary was wonderful from beginning to end. She literally took a lot of stress off of my daughter as well as me. When Megan was getting uncomfortable Mary walked with her or had her use the exercise ball. She encouraged her through the whole birthing process while be sensitive to the needs and desires of the father and mother. After seeing a Doula in action I would highly recommend one but not just anyone. Mary has a gift for this. She has a calm and easy personality that fits well in these kinds circumstances and she is very knowledgeable as well. I would highly recommend Mary Ramos to be your Doula.”

~ Kim C.

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