A woman in Birth is at once her most powerful, and most vulnerable. But any woman who has birthed unhindered understands that we are stronger than we know. Marcie Macari

“Six weeks before I was due with my 3rd baby I shared my birth story of
my daughter (3) and my son (2) both which were induced labors Doula Servicewith Mary Ramos. I had fear and anxiety of labor and most of all getting an epidural due to the herniated discs in my back. With my daughter I was impatient and insisted on being induced if she didn’t come on her due date. I was induced and didn’t have an epidural but did request pain medication via IV. Bad choice and I agreed to NEVER get those crazy drugs again as I was unable to function after my daughter was born due to how my body reacted to the drugs. With my son I had a tear and was leaking amniotic fluid at 39 weeks, I was already 3cm so my doctor sent me to the hospital to be induced. This time around I asked for a less intense pain medicine and did not receive an epidural. I did how ever experience back labor which was just awful and left me screaming and begging for an epidural. I told myself I would never be pregnant again. I feared I would have to go through the same excruciating back labor again and the only way to avoid that was no more babies!
After meeting with Mary and she explained to me what a doula was and how they help during labor I knew I wanted to use her as MY doula! I loved having someone I could talk to besides my doctor for advice and helpful tips with discomfort in my last few weeks of my 3rd pregnancy. I had doubts that I wouldn’t know what do to or know when I was in labor as i waited to go into labor naturally this time. Mary reassured me that without a doubt I would know! 2 days before my due date I went into labor and Mary was by my side from the moment I checked into the hospital until a few hours after I gave birth. She was able to help relax me through the contractions as well as coach my husband in ways to help comfort me as well. This by far was the BEST labor experience ever for me and my husband as well. Though tough at times I look back now and can say how peaceful and stress free the labor was. I’m so thankful for Mary and her testimony she shared through this journey with my family and me. I wouldn’t do it any other way next time, whenever that may be :)”

Leah B.

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