The Day “Doula” Changed My Life

A year later

Today marks the anniversary of my first day of Birth Doula training. Looking back with fond memories, I decided to share one of the most remarkable decisions of my life. For many years, I have been a mentor to teen girls. Over the last few years, I began mentoring young mothers and mothers to be. I have been fortunate enough to mentor a particular young woman throughout her pregnancy and beyond. I accompanied her to all prenatal appointments, helped her with questions to ask her OB and midwife.

Periodically, she mentioned her doula and what she told me about her intrigued me. I met the doula briefly at the young mom’s baby shower and found her to be a kind and gentle woman. The word “doula” was new to my vocabulary, and what I thought her to be was wrong. I thought they provide medical care similar to a midwife. Even though the thought of doulas intrigued me, going back to school for several years did not.

Fast forward a short time. I am at a Christmas party with family and friends, and I get a call with exiting news. She is in labor and wants me with her! “Of course I drop everything I’m doing to be there.” After
all, she needs a mother figure to hold her hand and encourage her, right? So, I was as good as there! The only births I ever witnessed were my own, so I had no real expectations, just being there for her. It seemed only natural to go the distance with her.

Doulda ServicesBirthday

When I arrived at the hospital she was well into active labor and shall I say… in a bit of pain. Quickly I reintroduced myself to her doula. From that point on this dear laboring woman was my only focus. She was in pain.  My focus was her, and I wanted to sooth her, calm her mind, and encourage her inner strength. She focused on breathing with me..It was working! She calmed down.

Because of complications, a cesarean section was required, so I was unable to stay with her. Instead I stayed in the birthing room waiting to receive her baby. Once her doula came back to the room, we had a chance to talk. She shared with me how she really thought I would make a wonderful doula. Me! a doula! She said I was a natural. She shared with me how she became a birth doula. What a precious woman! I owe her so much!

Doula! My New Normal

The next day, I went on line to research birth doula certifying organizations, doula service training in my area, etc. The more I learned, the more I knew in my gut, a doula is who I am!

The following month there was a DONA International training one and a half hours away. So I jumped on it! I spent the following three months breathing, eating, and sleeping doula certification requirements
and completed everything!

Knowing that I will be spending the next phase of my life doing what I love to do… as a career! is exhilarating!