The skill of being with women in pain in labour often rests in believing in women when they do not believe in themselves ~ Nicky Leaf

Doula ServicesMy doula experience was wonderful! Having doula Mary Ramos with us for the birth of my third baby girl made such a huge difference in my birth experience. Mary was kind, loving, encouraging, and supportive through the entire process. Even though this was my third delivery, I felt I needed extra encouragement and support. I was planning to try to have a non medicated delivery and I wanted to prepare the best way possible. Having Mary as my doula helped immensely!
Leading up to the birth, I had several meetings with Mary. She provided a lot of helpful information and helped ease any concerns that I had at the time. Mary was easy and sweet to talk to, and was very eager to know and understand what my needs were so she could provide the best care. She was always accessible by phone or email which reassured me as my delivery drew close.

When it came time to having our baby girl, Mary was with us right from the very beginning. Once we arrived at the hospital, she was attentive to my every need. She had ideas for relaxation that I had never ever thought of. She helped me through my labor using comforting words, touch, massage. She encouraged me to try various positions which also were very helpful. When it came time to have my baby, it was Mary who detected the signs that I was ready and she immediately called the nurse. In a matter of minutes, the doctor was called in and my baby arrived! Thanks to her being there by my side at all times, she was able to spot the signs that my baby was crowning and get the immediate help that I needed. I was so thankful that she was there by my side.

Would I use Mary again as a doula? The answer is absolutely, positively yes!

Muriel S.

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