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Mary Ramos is amazing. She was extremely informative and supportive throughout my pregnancy with my first child as I prepared for an all-natural birth. She referred me to many helpful evidence-based articles as I shaped my ideal birth vision. She guided me in making educated decisions during my labour process in the hospital while I was being intensely pressured for interventions. She was an angel for my husband and I when labour ended up taking much longer than I had hoped for. She gave us the strength, energy, and support we both needed to accomplish my drive for an all-natural birth. I am so thankful for her presence bringing our beautiful baby girl into the world. If I am ever so lucky to be blessed with another child, I can only hope that Mary can be there!

Posted 9/14/2015


I don’t know where to begin with my experience with Mary… I will start with saying that I could not have done it without her! This was my third (and most likely final) birth and I wanted it to be completely natural and unmedicated. The first thing I did was look for a doula. When I read her reviews, I instantly cried and knew she was the one I needed by my side. Throughout my entire pregnancy, she was there with support with anything I needed. When labor began I had terrible back labor and I know in my heart that if I didn’t have Mary, my natural birth would’ve never happened. She knew exactly how to help with the pain and without her breathing through each contraction with me, I wouldn’t have made it. Her sweet and nurturing demeanor made me feel like I could do anything. It was the most excruciating and the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. If I ever have another baby, I wouldn’t do it without Mary!

Posted 6/21/2017

I absolutely loved my experience with Mary! She was an invaluable part of my labor experience and I would definitely recommend her to anyone in search of a doula. She was so encouraging, helpful, calming, supportive and knew just how to help me achieve my goal of a natural birth. She was readily available when I needed her, provided many articles when I had questions and was so personable and friendly. I felt so at ease with her from the start. I could never have had my son without her by my side. I will no doubt be calling her when I get pregnant again. Her calming and encouraging demeanor really helped me breathe and relax as much as possible through contractions. Mary is extremely competent and you can tell she loves and is passionate about helping and educating parents through this birth process. She also was such a help after in assisting breastfeeding too. My husband even said he was extremely grateful Mary was with us (he was skeptical at first) and raves about her to other couples we know who are pregnant! She is amazing and I am excited for all the other women who will experience her services. 🙂


I really appreciated having Mary Ramos as my doula for the birth of my son in June 2014. She was very knowledgeable and provided us with good information and advice in our meetings prior to his birth. At the hospital her disposition helped to put me at ease. I really felt that she was a respsectful advocate for me throughout my time there. My birth experience didn’t go as I had planned due to having a different Dr than expected and needing to be induced, but Mary helped us navigate this new situation. She was respectful and supportive when I changed my pain-management plan. We are very thankful for Mary!

Posted 8/31/2015