Meet Your Doula

A Doula is a valuable asset to your labor team

Professionally trained and certified, I provide educational, physical and emotional support to you and your partner during pregnancy, labor, and the birth of your baby.

Doula Services
Certified Birth Doula, Certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist, and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

A little about me

My passion, as your doula, is to help you achieve your best possible birth. In the process, help you feel confident throughout your pregnancy and birthing experience.  While you labor, you can depend on me to continually support you physically, comfort and encourage you emotionally while keeping you well informed about your progress; reminding you that you CAN do it.

Everything in my life has brought me here.  Here to benefit you.

Becoming a doula is a natural flow of who I have been shaping into since childhood. Honestly, it is who God created to be.  Supporting and serving women is my earthly passion. For several years, I have been mentoring girls from adolescence to young adults; from various backgrounds. Consequently, I’ve had the honor of accompanying some of them childbirth. What a privilege to walk with a woman into motherhood!

My back story:

Since childhood, being a wife and mother is who I longed to be. I had a natural instinct to nurture and take care of all animals.  Everything needed a mamma, and that mamma was me. By the age of 19 my earnest prayer became reality. For over 37 years I happily wear the titles  wife, mom, and precious title Grammy.  And now “Doula”.  (click here to learn why).

In addition to family, two life factors are very important to me. Nutrition and Exercise. 

Healthy living became my goal when one of my children’s “behaviors” would have labeled him ADD.   Medication was not the route I thought best for our family.  So, I devoured  (pun intended) books on nutrition and natural medicines. I researched many topics for many hours; which thankfully led to successfully helping my child. 

Through the years, I have tried many forms of exercise Aerobics, weight machines, and P90x. However, Crossfit® is my niche. While I absolutely love hiking and peaceful nature trails, there is something satisfying about an intense workout!

So now how can my life experiences benefit you throughout pregnancy, birth & early childhood?

  • You will have my loyal and compassionate care.
  • You can trust me to provide you with evidence based care thru research.
  • You can have a calm, peaceful room with confidence in your strength.
    Enough about me, I’d rather learn about you!