Placenta Encapsulation

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Placenta Encapsulation, Doula Services

For your satisfaction and peace of mind

When encapsulating your placenta, I am committed  to the strictest of guidelines; which far exceed the industry’s standards.

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Tailor made packages just for you!

Your options are Capsules, Tinctures, Salves, and more; in effect are said to:

  • Doula ServicesContain your own natural hormones
  • Re-balance your system after childbirth
  • Replenish depleted iron levels
  • Give you more energy postpartum
  • Reduce postpartum bleeding
  • Increase milk production
  • Significantly lesson or eliminate baby blues
  • Balance menopausal hormones and therefore
  • Consequently have a happier postpartum period

Our basic placenta package starts at only – $325

*Research has not proven the benefits of encapsulation.  Only anecdotal information is available yet.