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Giving Back to Our  Community

There are times during pregnancy, labor, or birth, parents suffer the tremendous loss of their precious child.  For this reason, I offer myself as a bereavement doula without cost to them.   The purpose in setting up this resource page is for ANY purchase from Amazon, through this page, I receive a small percentage back from Amazon regardless of what you buy. For example, you click on a book which takes you to Amazon, but you decide to purchase shoes instead.   Proceeds made will help off-set the out-of-pocket expenses I incur to support the grieving family.

Because giving back to our community is important, my hope is that you will join me in loving the hurting .  With purchases you may make anyway means I can keep on providing this vital care for more families. At the same time, it gives you a place for gift ideas or products for yourself.  You pay the same price going through this page that you would going straight to Amazon.  There is NO mark-up :).  Thank you in advance for your compassionate consideration.

Helpful Books

Placenta: The Gift of Life

Labor & Birth Support